Sad ~ Anxious ~ Fearful ~ Life upside down ~ Weighed down ~ Confused

Don’t struggle alone - We’re here for you

There are as many reasons to come for counselling as there are people. Living with the effects of trauma, struggling with relationships, just the belief that there should be more to life than ‘this’ and so much more.

Since 2010 we’ve been here, alongside those dealing with every imaginable issue. TCS was modelled on the very successful work of Palace Gate Counselling Service in Exeter. That service was formed in 1994. Whilst supported by Palace Gate Counselling Service during our formation, TCS is an independent, separate organisation, although we regard each other as sister organisations. We don’t have magic wands (though some of our clients seem convinced we do!) but we have a large team of skilled and human therapists. One of them, specially chosen for you, will come alongside you as you take this journey. You will be met with warmth, acceptance and a complete lack of judgement.

No forms, no long list of people & situations we won’t work with. We’re highly professional and extremely experienced, but we don’t hide behind the word ‘professional’ as an excuse for maintaining a distance from you. Everyone here has had their own therapy, so we know what an important and sometimes scary step you are taking.

Wherever you live,

we’re open for you

Foggy view of trees in a wood making them hard to see.

Feel like you’re wandering

around in a fog - not sure

of the best way to go?

Maybe you didn’t see the

collapse coming - was it

something eating away inside,

extreme pressure from without,

rooted in the wrong ground

Fallen tree in woodland
Woman with head in hands.

The pressure never stops!

Call us now – there IS a broader horizon

Online and face to face counselling, for individuals and couples

We’ve got a first class team of Counsellors / Therapists. We provide a counselling service for adults, both individuals and couples. We work online and face to face. The majority of our work is currently online, usually via a video/computer link (eg Zoom/ WhatsApp). This allows us much greater flexibility than was possible when we only had face to face appointments. For those for whom face to face working is important, we are able to offer that too. At the moment we have fewer face to face appointments than online ones. Whilst the Covid lockdown forced us to introduce an online service, we have found that rather than being a hinderance, online working suited a large number of people, so this is likely to remain as an ongoing offering.

Wherever you live,

we’re open for you

Since 2010 we’ve offered a face to face service in Taunton only. Today the majority of our sessions are on-line (video or telephone) so we can provide a service wherever you live, anywhere in the South West, or indeed the whole country, without you needing to travel into our Centre. You do not need to be referred to our service, simply give us a call.

A service motivated by a

desire to serve - rather

than profit

We are a not-for-profit organisation. We aim to run an affordable service open to everyone. We have to charge fees to survive but we’re not out to make a profit and so fees are suggested based on a sliding scale. All therapist volunteer some time and we don’t have to pay salaries to administrative staff / management, so we are able to keep costs as low as possible. We want you to have the therapy you need, so we will always do our best to make it possible.

Call us now - things can be different